Welcome to a magical world full of mystery and wonder. Dive in and explore the world of “Friendly Fire” and meet all its inhabitants in a quest to save the world from an unknown destiny. What dark secrets does this twisted world hold?

“Friendly Fire” is a 2d platform adventure game with handcrafted pixel art, an original soundtrack and lots of love put into the creation of the characters and dialogues.


There are five endings in total. Can you find them all?


You can either play with Keyboard (WASD / Cursor keys) or with an XBOX or Playstation Controller. 


This game was  originally developed as a team effort for the game jam Ludum Dare #46 within three days.

Afterwards, the game was revisited, polished and published as a free game.

For more Information, please visit https://www.friendlyfiregame.com/


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Ah you can pet the dog now.

10/10 game of the year!

I have a HUGE problem. I cant get to the clouds to water the pinecone! Someone, help!

Can you elaborate what your story progression is exactly? Did you manage to fullfil the request of the stone on top of the mountain yet?

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nvm i just had to pay more attention. Lol

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ok so i defeated it normally i got the dog ending but i feel like there was more i dont think eternal friendship did anything other than give me the dog ending  i got the stone skip jump one but each of the endings has a name at the end but i cant see anything more than the apocalypse one i think they stack or something which is annoying. this is a great game though i hope to maybe see that sequal that gets mentioned

Yeah, sorry! That is a bug (which will be fixed in the next upcoming release). There are currently three endings in total and it seems you got them all :)


I like this game. Just wondering if you are going to make more possible endings.

Thank you for playing! There are currently no plans to revisit the game and add additonal major content. One minor update is planned though, which will introduce one more small ending. So, stay tuned!

I gotta go back on what I said earlier :) we actually added two more optional endings to the mix. Check out the dev log regarding the update if you want some hints how to get the endings.

How many endings are there

There are three endings in total

oh ok thank you


The graphics are so nice


The game is great and I love the  humor but I cant find the third ending, I already got the one with **spoilers** cloud dancing and the one with the dog. I saw a guy in a cave and I think he has something to do with the third ending. Could you give me some clues? ;w;


Sure thing :) You're on the right track with the third ending. It involves getting over the river early in the game, before getting the double jump skill. You can jump over the river with well timed jumps (jump again just when your're about to hit the water and you won't drown). When you talk to the guy in the cave then, it will reveal the last ending :)

I found it, thanks :D


I love this game its the best game i've played on itch.io! i like this ending but im in the middle of it so i don't know what happens and the music is the best it just slaps!!!!!!!!!!!!God Bless you creaters! (: this is the second ending i did.


Yeah, a very frendly fire...

I really loved this game! The graphics were really nice, and the music felt like it had a place there. One thing that I noticed at the beginning of the game was that the screen would shake sometimes? I think this would have been due to the player getting caught on the clouds or something, but overall not a big impact on gameplay. Other than that, no major problems that I noticed! Good work, devs. 

P.S. Is the ending song uploaded anywhere? It sounded like an original, it was really pretty!


We uploaded the whole soundtrack to our little game website: https://www.friendlyfiregame.com/

Thanks for playing and giving your feedback :) The physics in the game are a bit busted, which often leads to those shaking cam issues.

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Well that's a cute glitch if you get all the endings in one go.

Whoops :D

Where can I get that ending song? :O

You can find the full soundtrack on https://friendlyfiregame.com/ :)


AMAZING GAME, really was shook by the plot twist ending with the fire, and the story-line was incredible, thank you for the amazing experience this games gives you,cant wait for the sequel!!!


just needs a mute button then it'll be perfecet


Really liked this game, the art style is really charming and the humor is amazing.

Excited to see this dev make more games, i genuinely like there games 

Thank you so much! Just watched your play through and had the best time!


O' the joys of bunny hopping Solid Snake's fine badonk through a fantasy land of sentient trees who carve their own flesh and rock-monks with questionable levels of buoyancy. O' to be young again...


I had to re-read this 5 times lmao

Truly poetry of a new age. ;{)


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i cant figure out how to run on my macbook air, even with the help. it says its 'up'??? but like a weird up. little help?

edit: oh never mind its just 'Shift' lol i talked to the shadow guy

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Also, there a few very minor suggestions / things I noticed. 

1) When the player jumps into an edge or walks into a wall, sometimes the entire screen shakes - this is especially noticeable in the clouds.

2) Key remapping would be nice. I ended up liking the E/F/space placement, but another "classic" mapping could be Z(action), X(throw), UP(jump), DOWN (enter door)

3) Any keys held down while entering a door are cancelled. (Example: holding right to walk and entering a door results in the player standing still on the other side, forcing the player to release the key and repress it to begin walking again. Really doesn't affect gameplay but transitions felt less "smooth" 


3) The throwing hand's instructions for bringing things through doors could be even more dummy proof (AKA dummies like me). Something along the lines of "Throw the item. While the item is still in the air, press to enter the door. Quickly catch the item before completely going through the door" 

Thanks for the in-depth feedback! Very much appreciated.

1) Yeah, the physics engine and collision detection really needs some overhauling. We might include a third party physics engine to get rid of a lot of these more messy issues.

2) That would be really awesome. We didn't have (and still haven't) time to implement a lot of comfort features. No guarantee that it will still be implemented with this game. But our engine is growing and might support that feature in the future.

3) Thanks, that's actually an issue, that bugged me as well. Especially when entering and leaving doors. I might look into that!

4) I really had my problems with writing that dialog in particular. After I saw some play testers successfully pull it off after the tip, I thought the writing was good enough. But I might revist that part and work in some of your suggestions.

Again, thanks a lot for you feedback!

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 Loving the dialogue and creepy undertones that this game has. The man in the cave was my favorite character! I've gotten two endings but can't seem to figure out the third, does it by any chance... 

I've tried giving the skull to various characters, planting the skull, and burning the acorn, but nothing seems to work

(P.S. how cover up the text as spoilers? I will edit my comment once I know)

Nice try :) The skull is useless though. Are you missing Ending C?

Deleted 86 days ago

No, it's something completely different and possibly not something you might encounter by chance. But if you want a vague tip, you can read the next paragraph:

The ending has something to do with how the dude in cave got stuck there!

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 Makes sense! I just figured out how in my last playthrough. The dialogue with the leftmost characters was funny after breaking the sequence but no ending yet - Assuming I'll have to get that fireguy to step off the teleporter. I'll keep experimenting. 

I found out that you can sometimes infinite jump while holding an item and spamming throw while doublejumping (not sure if intended versus stone-skip-jump method of crossing early).

 Another potential bug: If you try the stone solution before talking to the "psshht" rock - sometimes it doesn't work. Exiting the cave afterwards shows a new stone solution on the wall which will then work. Maybe intended?

Finally a "comfort suggestion" - to make the dance inputs </> or E/F instead of 1/2 for intuitiveness and less controls. Or just show that NUM 1&2 are needed on the controls main menu screen.



Good Game


Okey I saw "for the power of greyskull!" there and i lost my sh*t! You have my eternal adoration!


Nice short game! The dialogues and meta-humor were funny!
Just a tiny suggestion about the control interface: maybe make it so that the button icon to swap between controllers shows the opposite controller icons? e.g. "I have a PS controller and I want to toggle prompts, I wonder what button is RB?"


Thank you! And the feedback about the inverse button prompts to change the controller is a good idea.

The PS4 equivalent of RB is R1

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Also, I'm not able to open the menu. I'm not sure if I'm dumb or if it is just a glitch with my computer.

This is really strange, I haven't heard of something like this before. Have you played the browser version or the windows build? It sounds like there are key presses coming from your system that interfere with the dancing mini game. Maybe a connected controller or other input devices  that might cause this?

Possibly. I was using the browser version.

Downloading the game fixed the problem. Thank you!

Glad to hear :) Hope you have fun with it!

There seems to be a softlock as soon as I reach the part where I need to dance for the tree. No matter what I press, the first 1 block turns red and I have to restart. I've pressed every key on the keyboard, but nothing works.


OMG, this is one of the best games i have played, it was really fun.


Keyboard issue: when the character jumps (space), the window scrolls.


Yeah, sorry about that. I couldn't reproduce the issue with the space key, but the cursor keys seem to scroll the window as well. Playing in full screen should solve the issues though!

I'll see if I can get a general fix ready.


Yes, full screen solved it. Thx for reply.


... and I'm glad I asked. It was really enjoyable.


That was much of a joy! Thanks. I wonder if there is another ending? I've made it to the one where evil fire is peed by dog

There are three endings in total :) two regular ones and one secret gag ending.


It was really nice and I loved everything about it. One problem though - would be cool if you could load the game after you completed it - for the sake of the side quest :)


could be a rendering bug, but the infinite climb doesn't show ANY clue outside the right wall. 

and there is no discernible pattern for trial and error.

Hey! Sorry to hear that there is an issue with the riddle on your playthrough :( I'd really like to know what could've caused this. Could you send me a screenshot of the wall outside the cave where the solution should be? Ideally with some information about your system / browser you played the game with. Just to avoid any misunderstandings, you can check the playthrough of Grimbag (15:28) how the hint should look like. He posted his let's play in this comment section.

you may want to rephrase the repeat of the clue, as I kept reading it as beyond the cave's right wall instead of the background wall just right of the entrance to the cave.

Yeah, you're right. The phrasing seems to be a little confusing. I will make this a little clearer in the next patch! Thanks for the feedback


this game took me by surprise i hope we get to see more of it


This game was a delight! Everything, including a cooked chicken, had personality haha! Loved it so much and definitely leaving a follow =)


Thank you so much for let's playing this :)

Not a problem it was a delight:)

How were you able to get past the part with the dancing tree at 7:54?

the numbers 1 and 2 that show up you have to hit those numbers on your keyboard when they enter the rectangle

That didn't work for me, odd.

huh Idk. Are you using a numpad and the numlock is on? If that isn't it Idk what else it could be x.x


This was so fun, the visuals were beautiful, the game play was smooth, and the humour was niche but hilarious. I had a really great time playing, i hope this becomes a potential series!