Welcome to a magical world full of mystery and wonder. Dive in and explore the world of “Friendly Fire” and meet all its inhabitants in a quest to save the world from an unknown destiny. What dark secrets does this twisted world hold?

“Friendly Fire” is a 2d platform adventure game with handcrafted pixel art, an original soundtrack and lots of love put into the creation of the characters and dialogues.


Performance Warning: The game does not behave properly with frame rates beneath 30. The collision detection will probably make it impossible to enjoy the game. If the browser version does not run well, please try the standalone version. If this also does not help, I'm sorry :(


Please mind: The run ability is not available a the start of the game but unlocked further down the line. So don't worry if the run button does nothing at the start!


There are five endings in total. Can you find them all?


You can either play with Keyboard (WASD / Cursor keys) or with an XBOX or Playstation Controller. 


This game was  originally developed as a team effort for the game jam Ludum Dare #46 within three days.

Afterwards, the game was revisited, polished and published as a free game.

For more Information or if you want to download and/or listen to the soundtrack, please visit https://www.friendlyfiregame.com/


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friendlyfiregame-v2.3.0-linux-x64.zip 99 MB

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The sensations lacks any kind of comparison 

all worldly matters seem so insignificant now

Reality around me begins to fade

Edit:  That's what the doggy petting time transcript is.

The game should be called:  Not-So-Friendly Fire

This game is great. If u want another great game check out this one -> yes this link here

im here from among us single player

yo guys among us single player is OP


really good game ! it would be nice if we could see how many ending we unlocked and how many there are left


Thank you :) Yeah, that's on the todo list... I sadly don't have much free time at the moment to keep on developing the game :(

The plot twist....  I dind't think this was going to be a game about dancing lol!


Damn :) But you can reset the wood. Just talk to the tree

how to get b i got all except this one help me please

Huh, how strange :) That's the one most people get in their first blind playthourgh.
Thanks for playing anyway! Hope you liked it. You can find help for ending B below


FInish the dog related sidequest (get him back together with his brother) and then finish the game regulary (throw wood into the fire in the starting area) This will trigger ending B!

thanks a lot!


so cute!!


Really fun game. Have about 34 hours of playtime on steam. One Question though: Is it possible to play the older versions on pc? I have some of them saved on my pc, but some I just dont have anymore and I am not very knowledgeable about Programming or running this game on browser.


Hey there! 34 hours? What the heck :D
In theory, every oder version can be built and run via compiling the source. Is there a particular version you would like to have? Just building every version would take forever (and uploading as well, my internet speed is abysmal).

Thanks for the reply! Yeah, the version I was thinking of was Version 2.1.1


Sorry for the wait! You can download 2.1.1 here: http://games.d-cay.de/friendlyfire-2.1.1.rar

Thank you again! I expected it to take länger, so no worries about the wait


Awsome Game. got all endings

Thanks a lot for playing :)

how many are there endings is in the game?

There are currently 5 in total!

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well i have something to do then

e is the best


That was awesome, great game!

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whaat is the run button?

It's described in the controls menu in-game. But it's also an obtainable power up, so it won't work from the get-go!

What is the pause button?

im stuck

where exactly? Maybe check out the youtube playthroughs posted in the comment section to unstuck yourself!

I threw the seed up the mountain and then found the infinite climb but I know I have to get to the temple gates to open them but can't get there  even with a sprint double jump 

So you can't get over the river? Did you exhaust the dialog with the stone on top of the mountain? He should help you get over the river :)

I skipped the dialogue and clicked through it

he told me how to open the gate but not how to cross the river

I can't seem to get endings D or C, any hints?

nvm just got D

However, any hints on c would be great.

Nvm just got C now, I think my favorite one overall is either B or E

B and E (but especially B) took the longest to implement after all :) 

How do You throw the seed over the mountain ?

Check out this latest playthrough to get an idea how it works: 

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Here's the order I got the endings :[B], [C], [A], [E], and [D]. Ending [D] is by far the best one.

throw... wat. i dont have that button....

see the in-game instructions :) F or RB/R1

oh, thank much!

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I got ending [B] :) Really cute and fun game!!

I need an even bigger hint for ending [D] because I have tried everything doggo that I can think of.

mhh... For how long did you pet the dog? 🤐

ah okay


Listen to the instructions next time 😒

oml STOP SISTER ):<.


How do you run?


The trick is to cover the distance with a good double jump and throw the seed at the last jump peak :) it's really fairly easy but I've seen a lot of people having problems with this part because they relied on the throw too much.

help how do i throw


rb/r1 on gamepads or F on the keyboard!

I've seen that all of your games have pixel art so, I'm guessing you like that art style. If I am correct, I highly recommend making an account on pixilart.com, a site that lets you draw pixel art, animate it into GIFs, and share your work with other people. I'm sure that people would love to see this stuff.

you can also use krita

I saw your username and there is just one thing that I wanted to say: Smebulock!

needs save too. progress was wiped looking at some of the images in the comments below to see if there was a way to get past...not going back through the whole thing just to work around the bugs

kept falling through the 3rd cloud at the end, it would briefly say 'E dance', but character would never actually stop falling through.

its got potential, but needs testing and bugfixes so its not so finicky on jumping/landing

(macbook pro mojave, Firefox 83) if that matters

I'm really sorry that you encountered those issues :( I guess that you also have bad performance in general (including bad fps)? That should be the only reason why the collision detection doesn't work properly. The engine is very unoptimized (made during the jam) and can't handle sub 30fps very well.

Again, sorry for this.

Thanks, I just got ending  [E] and, I was wondering if that is a reference to your other game: Hyperloop.



Sorry but I don't know the patern to the never ending jumping stage.

The solution is the stone patterns outside of the actual jumping cave (to the right of the entrance!) It changes everytime you fail, so keep that in mind :) Good Luck!

I've played this game multiple times, and nothing really tops it. Leaf Me Alone (also a puzzle platformer) by Acid Nerve is really good and, you should check it out. This is still better.


What is the run button?


this game is the best game ive played in so long. Thank you so much for lighting up my week! (i have only found 2 endings but will continue to try for the full 5!)

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There's five? I only found 3.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts on our little game :) Hope you find the rest of the endings! If you need a hint, I would be glad to nudge you in the right direction.

I would love to have a hint, thank you.

Sure thing!

[A] Just play the game regularly.
[B] and [D] are doggo related.
[C] Related to the man in the cave and how he got there.
[E] Related to who you give the wood to.

Just so you know, the ones I've found were: the peeing dog, crossing the river in the early game, and finally raining on the fire.

Then you found the original three endings and are still missing D and E :)

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I'm gonna try to get all the endings

Very fun game

I'm not gonna help the fire, then I'm gonna get the wood and then i'm gonna bring it back to the fire, then i'm gonna accept the fire then not give the wood to the fire then see what happens

Dang it the shadow guy won't let me run until I accept the fire task :(

New:  I got the eternal friendship power up,  gave the wood t the fire, then the dog came and put out the fire the grossest way I can think of!  I love the dog!!!

We all love the doggo :D


Me too. I love the specific detail that has him say: " Mother taught me how to talk! Bark!  I mean, chirp!".   Simply amazing.

A little bit of a bug, I talked to the fire guy at the very beginning and the darkness person didn't update his dialogue. Had to restart the game. I was thinking there was no way to continue...

Interesting. The Shadow dude should answer to you after you accept the initial quest by the fire (when the camera pans to the tree etc.). I'll check the code, maybe I missed a trigger in a specific dialog tree that leads to the quest.


Great game! I loved everything about it! 


I found all the endings! WOOOO

Good job man :D


I got the: Fire burns everything but then you stop them by dancing on the clouds ending

Thanks for playing :) That was the original ending we implemented during the jam!

It was fun

can you find the dog's friend?

yes, that's a whole side quest :)

It's so cute!!!


Great game! This was a fun experience.

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