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I just want to say, I came across this game seeing it as a boring and mediocre one, but the ending I got first (E) had my mouth literally gaping open, keep up the amazing work and hopefully I can see a few more endings soon if you update it to be a little easier!

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So I know that the… (trying not to spoil anything) “Not-so-friendly” Fire ending is one ending, and it probably can be another ending if you try to help it again. I’m also guessing that if you aren’t sure about “finishing the task”, if you will, then that probably would result in another ending. Don’t really know about the other two though :P Either way, great game! It was really fun to play, even if it is a bit laggy :D

yeah, there are quite a few ways to end the game :) 5 in total, currently. I'm currently working on an update where finishing the game multiple times gets a little less tedious. So, maybe you'll give it a shot when it's ready! Thanks for playing

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You’re welcome! In fact, I was just thinking of going for a different ending right now :D Also I love how the characters reply when you haven’t talked to the flame first, and when you go into the water, your character says “Ok, I’m not Jesus, noted” XD And how everyone breaks the fourth wall all the time!


I don't know how did i end up coming here, but i didn't regret at all!

Thanks a lot :) Great to hear that you had fun



1 point off because I felt the jumping could be better.

Thanks :D If you'd ask me, I'd substract a lot more points due to technical issues. Thanks for only taking off one point :P

how do i run on mac

I think (Left) SHIFT should work just as on any other OS... The ability to run is not available from the start though! So keep that in mind.

I found a tiny glitch, but honestly I think it's funny. After you throw the wood into the fire, go to the cave with the other person, don't interact with the fire. The music will change. When you come out the music will be back to normal even after you interact with the fire (except for the rain dancing part).

Yeah, that's right :) Didn't account for people running around, entering doors after feeding the flame. Thanks for pointing that out! Fixing that will be more trouble than it's worth though, so I'll just keep it that way for now. Cheers!

Cheers! :D Great game!


just started playing the game with no pretense and absolutely pet the dog until i got swept up in ecstasy. huh this game has multiple endings? guess ill have to keep playing :P i rly like it so far

for some, this is actually the best ending :D


How do I get C and D?

D: pet the dog until you die

Oh wow lol. Thanks!


Got C! Took a while but I did it


this game was one of the best games i ever played


how do you bring the pupyp the bone :(


Go to the glove and ask him about the bone. If u need any further tip - just ask.


i got a! gonna keep working!

Great, hope you have fun with the other endings as well :)

this makes no sense after i put the rock in the water what do i do next??

Like the rock said beforehand, you need to cross the river. You can use the stone as a literal stepping stone.

after that when i talk to the fire and the man in the cave what happens next?

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jump on the rock to the other side




Loved it!!

Regarding endings that aren't in the game yet, I think the dialogue of the guy in the cave seems unfinished. If I skip-jump while having double jump, my character wants to help but simply can't. After tossing the stone, the caveman seems to forget I visited him before and I can't give him any of my jump powerups, even though I can give my multi-jump to the dog. However, I have no idea what could happen if I helped the caveman get out.

You're absolutely right. The character itself is, aside from giving some exposition and providing a gag ending, rather useless. I like the idea to build upon the "giving away power ups" idea to help him out. If only I had more time on my hand :D

perhaps helping him out could lead to you both waking up together? sort of like E+

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Finally in my position.

Spoiler ahead - Ending E in my opinion

Edit: Ending E would lead me (and or the reader) to believe that the character we're playing as is just a Test subject of some sort, on a spaceship floating off to who knows, which adds another conundrum, because if there are already people out there, (the dead bodies) that would mean that the character was either not the only person who escaped, or the dead people in ending E were people who refused to get into the Pod, but since there's still electricity that means that the Earth in that universe is most likely "burning," in a way, where humanity had to move to space just to not become extinct, and since their's mold/algae on the ground, it makes me conclude that ending E is the player realizing they were in a simulation, with the only thing to look forward to is death, meaning that the friendly fire is basically a firewall ironically enough, so that would mean that you bribed the firewall somehow? I don't know man, I'm just a normal dude. I'll probably do some more inspection on ending E.

love it :)

Honestly, I think you're thinking harder about that than the devs did lol. I also enjoy theory-crafting sometimes, but often if it's clear to me that there's no one "answer" and I would have to fill in almost everything myself, I'll just shrug and say "game design..."

Yeah absolutely right, most of the stuff in the game was thought of on the spot without really having a "masterplan" in mind. Some things work great together, other things don't quite. In that regard, the game development process was like a living being, growing and evolving while we worked on it.

LOL C is funny


I got A B prob since they are easy


FAM This game is a 10/10 I LOVEE IT This is PART #1 of me playing it Go Check it Out!! If you enjoyed make sure to join the family by subscribing. PART #2 is Coming Soon!!!
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fuck im on a mac

The browser version is the way to go then :) Just try to use firefox or chrome. Haven't really tested it on safari, I think.


nice game :D i got all the endings ending b and d were my favs 

Thanks :) Love the doggo endings as well! They were really fun to make


(!ydaerla god eht tep tsuj)


I assumed that meant you didn't know what D was, so I was giving you a hint, just in case you want to come back and get it. If you figure out what that says then it should tell you all you need to know. Or you could ignore it and find it yourself, up to you.

I found it out but not by my self it was in comments

i softlocked myself :l

Yeah... That was reported a few days ago by someone else as well :D There's an update planned with a new game+ option and a little new ending. I'll see if I can tackle that Issue as well

Damn imagine softlocking yourself in a way that the devs didn't specifically intend lmao

also, i you can finish the conversation with the rock without saying master.


also, whats the song you use?

Which song do you mean? All songs are originally made for the game. The only exception is the one in the B-Ending, which uses a established song as basis.

You can find alle the songs here:


coming up in the sequel:i have used the art of water skipping to escape the threats on this alien planet, now me, my dog, and the other person sit by this campfire in a cave.


Awesome game! This really reminds me of the earlier games like Knytt, Visually, but more the intelligent and elaborate level design, the atmosphere, the musci, how the story develops and how the power ups tie in together. Also liked the humor you put in. Really nice!

Thanks man :)


Here's what I'll say about each ending without spoiling it.

A: You'll probably get it on your first play

B: Worth it

C: Probably the hardest ending

D: Also worth it

E: Oh jeez...

C wasn't too tricky for me. Took a few tries, but it's easier to get if you go a little ahead of where the other guy made it to, you only end up having to pull it off once or twice.

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I got ABDE but how do I get C??? Also this game is awsome!!!


remeber what that dude said in the cave? how he got there? that's all im gonna say


now THIS is the true softlocked ending


oh shit :D


I've gotten 3 endings so far, the ones I haven't gotten are C and E. I'll come back for them later, but any hints?


In the lower left corner of the map, there's a cave with another human. Listen to what they say for a hint for C.

Hint for E: Maybe there's someone else who loves wood ;)


Thanks! If you ever plan to update the game, maybe you could make an ending where you throw the seed in the river. Another idea I had was annoying the cloud power-up until they do something.

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That was really fun! I'd like to see the sequel. My favorite part was the dialogue.


Great game, but I found out that if you throw an item into a wall thats next to a door and mash up and f you can bring items out the door, I did this with the bone on the first section.


Yeah,  that's a bug that made it into the game as lore ;) If you plan to finish the doggo sidequest, you will see what I mean. Thanks for playing!


I really loved the way you made players abuse bugs to unlock endings, definitely the best way to avoid fixing them lmao


Super fun little game. I got the "proper" ending (A) first, then E and B on my own, and finally with a hint from the comments got C and D. Really fun, good story telling, lots of interesting characters, the world feels "alive" despite the somewhat meta understanding many characters have, a few red herrings to make you question yourself (at least I think they're red herrings, unless there's a secret 6th ending xD).

One suggestion I'd give, because of how similar you have to start to reach most of the endings, would be to add a way to go back to certain checkpoints. Like immediately after getting the multi-jump power-up or after collecting the wood. It was a little tedious to do basically the whole story over multiple times, especially considering how much dialog is involved (good dialog, just tedious the 5th time you're doing it).


Thanks for the kind words :) no, there's no secret 6th ending.

You're absolutely on point regarding the grind to get all the endings. I originally planned to have some kind of "new game+"-option after beating it once to start at different stages of the game to make it easier to get all the endings. But that's a technical nightmare. The engine is a cobbled together mess from the original game jam. And implementing some kind of state management was a huge endeavor which I was not able to tackle without refactoring half of the game. So, currently, there isn't any other option than to start the game over :/

Perhaps a "hacky" solution would be granting the multi-jump power-up before you jump out of the clouds? That would allow for you to reach your destinations faster or skip sections entirely, with basically no refactoring.

Also, if you ever want to add a 6th ending I really wanted there to be more to the creepy guy who gives you the running power-up. I noticed he disappears when you give the wood to the fire, but he leaves behind a "hole", or some kind of black space, which could easily be a door to... somewhere. 


Not too bad of an idea... I'll check in if I could at add that in with little effort :) That could really speed up the progress on the consecutive runs.

Love the idea to give the shadow guy a little more spotlight and an optional ending. If I could, I'd love to have a side quest with an optional ending for every major character, but I'm currently swamped with other stuff. Maybe I'll have some spare time when my other projects die down a bit.

Oh hey, this kinda reminds me of the storyline of Isle(roblox game)

Never heard of that :) I'd love to hear the similarities. Care to elaborate? The wiki for this game is rather scarce

The story for isle is basically humanity destroyed itself, and all remaining humanity were put into a simulation controlled by two AIs, //IVORY-LOTUS// and //IVORY-MIND//. The simulation has you trying to escape an island you were forced onto by some people. Each time you either die or escape(except one), you end up back where you started; the camp where the people who accidentally got you onto the island keep others captive. Remember when I said each time you escape(or die) you end up at the camp, except for one? That ending technically counts as the "true" ending. After gathering four artifacts and activating a portal, you enter what could be thought of as the boss fight.  //IVORY-LOTUS// starts an exit protocol to take you out of the simulation, but it's interrupted by //IVORY-MIND//, who attempts to kill you. It is stopped by //IVORY-LOTUS//, and after a short conversation, the two start fighting due to conflicting morals. //IVORY-LOTUS// believes that by letting other people leave the simulation, they can restore what's left of the world, while //IVORY-MIND// believes that by letting what remains of humanity leave the simulation, the world will be destroyed by them again. //IVORY-LOTUS// resumes exit protocol, while Agents(glowing white roblox characters) try to kill you. When exit protocol reaches 100, an exit is opened. By walking through it, you return into the real world and into a scene similar to the one in an ending of this, where thousands and thousands of chambers looking just like the one you came out are lined on horizontal walls. After a while, you eventually reach the exit, and leave the facility.

Great :) This whole concept is far from being very unique or new. Makes sense, that there's quite some games that use it one way or another. Thanks for the detailed story summary!

you're welcome!

I came to the hand, but I cant leave the hand it just starts over the conversation and I cant move... Otherwise a great and beautiful game.

That's really strange :( Haven't heard of anyone having this issue. Have you tried another browser?

how do i "Throw"

On Keyboard, it's the "F" key. You can always check the controls in the pause or main menu (press "ESC" ingame to access it)

Amazing game! I got ending E first and then B- I'll try to unlock the rest of the endings as well! Any tips for ending C and D? (`•ω•´๑)


C -> Has to do with the guy in the cave and how he got stuck there.
D -> Pet the dog some more, maybe? ;)

Thanks! Ending D was worth it and definitely one of the best endings (surrender all mortal possessions to the dog) and Ending C was sort of a struggle but all in all, a very nice game :) 
Are you in the progress of developing any more games?

Thanks :) I always found C pretty easy... People reported this bug a lot back when the game was released originally. I think the higher your framerate is, the easier it is to pull off.

I'd love to make more games, but I'm currently swamped with other projects after work. So, finding the time for that is really difficult.


I got the dog ending  and I'm not motivated enough to play the game over again for the other endings,  great game.


Fair enough! It is rather grindy to get to all the endings since the beginning is always the same. So, no hard feelings :) Glad you enjoyed your run!

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