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i got every ending! 

Good job :) Hope you had fun!

different endings? what?

mountain trial is so boring its just jumping up the middle platform theres no combination or anything for me but it could be because im playing with no sounds

Without sound, the only thing you'll miss is the "fail" sfx if you make a mistake during the climb. Sound isn't really needed at all to solve it though. The solution is purely visual.


uhh i got ending awak[e] on my first attempt and it's very... intriguing

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I think I found a small bug in the game. After fueling the fire, but before talking to it, you can still walk around freely. if you go through a door at that time, the music and the other final sequence stuff will be reset. After that you can still talk to the fire and get the a ending, but durin the whole ending sequence the background and music will be the same as before and the red filter thing won't be there, but the flames will still be falling.

Also, great game! I got endings A,B and C so far, but I'm trying to find the other ones.

Edit: I also noticed that if you fall through the platforms in the infinite thing, the entered sequence doesn't reset, so for example you can enter the "code" using just the lowest platforms, and then jump up to the top. It could be confusing if someone made a mistake in the code and then fell down to enter it again.

Edit 2: I got the D and E endings too, with both being... interesting, but in very different ways.

Thanks for playing :) The music bug in the end sequence is known, but since it wasn't game breaking, I didn't bother to fix it (yet). The other bug sounds interesting, never heard or saw that happening. If I find the time to work on the content update again, I will look at this as well!

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If you want to replicate the bug, jump through the middle platform, then fall through it, then jump through the right platform and fall through it etc. until you enter the whole code. Then just jump up through some random platforms and you'll get to the top. This bug actually really confused me when I tried to guess the code using the "wrong platform" sound. I once entered a part of what I thought was the code, then thought I made a mistake and fell to the bottom, and then I didn't understand why the code "changed" and why it went back to normal (I went through the wrong platform).

Also, I think I came up with an idea on how to fix this. I'm guessing you have an if statement checking if you're going through a platform and your vertical speed is positive. You could turn that into an if-else statement, with the "else" part removing the last entry in the array of the platforms you've chosen, decreasing the number of platforms entered correctly(just make sure that doesn't go below zero) by one or "undoing" going through a platform in some other way (I don't know what you're using for entering the code).

tht was fun :D

great game

i think i  figured out how to get the 3rd ending

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Hi, I hope you're doing well! 

I work on a product to make therapy for children and youth more engaging by integrating games and other fun activities. Would you have some time to chat about a partnership/integration?

So, is that update still planned or nah?


The big update is pending. No time to really keep working on that right now but I hope I'll find the time at some point

If you ignore the sitting fire and go into the cave with the other human, she/he thinks you picked up the multi-jump ability



I ignored the sitting fire, and the other human still realized that I used their stone-hop technique, softlocking me.

And why can't you play with the dog???

You can pet the dog. Is that good enough?

suber fun

Only got two endings but yay fun


As fun to play today as it was two and a half years ago!

Had a fun time collecting all the endings, too :P

Thanks for letting me hold E to rapidly skip messages, but the fact a few npcs have their default options kick you back or form an infinite loop is a bit of a pain. Here's to hoping the update is still happening, as well as whatever game you happen to make next!

i just played the game for the first time and got the “e” ending… what the hell?


Hey, just made this account on here to say that this game is great. I did post here once (on an account I dont have acces on anymore) 2 years ago, where I said I have 34 hours on it haha. Welp, its at 135 now. I and a couple of other people are speedrunners of the game, so that explains the high hour count on it haha. I just want to thank you all for giving us a great experience. We appreciate it a lot. This game means a lot to me, even if its just a small game. Thank you.

Deleted post

AWW THS GAME IS SO CUTE!! i got the ending with the dancing dave power setting out the fire and the ending where the dog pees on the fire HSKHJFGJ ill update this comment when i get more endings...!

Thanks for the comment :) Very happy to hear to you enjoyed it :D

how do i beat the first mountain challenge

Left, left, middle, middle, left, middle.

the code is different every time you close and reopen the game

mine was middle middle middle left left, soooooo

dog is best boi.

i literally cant finish the game as it wont let me throught the rock monk stuudent platform part it just makes me fall through them no matter how many times i go in or out


This sounds really strange, I think it's the first time I heard of this. How is in-game fps? is it running poorly? I only know of issues in connection to bad frame rates. Collision detection starts to act strangely with low fps.

fps is really good but for some reason it just wont let me through


kill yourself


Yoo, ending with the fella in the cave, i came down after i got the double jump and running power up, talked him and now hes telling me to go, what do i do?


ohhh, i wasnt supposed to get the power up

yes :D

how do you win this gam

Well, there's a hand full of endings, so feel free to try your best to get one ;) If you have problems progressing, you'll find a couple of walkthrough vidoes here in the comment section


time to play this again :D

how do i get up the mountain trial :( i tried looking at the video but it was a lie

Which part do you mean exactly? The trial has a couple of different challenges :)

There is 5 endings

it took me 30min to get 1


what button is the pause button???


Incredible game! ❤️

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got all endings but c, nice game

Deleted 1 year ago

for c you have to cross the river without the rock in it and go to the cave with the dude

ik, thats why i didnt get it

ik, thats why i didnt get i

I think I found a softlock/bug

If you (after unlocking the multiple jumps ability) make it back to the starting area and fall down, you can't interact anymore.


Found a typo in the description: Please mind: The run ability is not available a the start of the game but unlocked further down the line.


If you pick up an item while moving through a door, you carry it with you.

yes, I knwo :D That skill might come in handy down the line in some of the side quests ;)


Congrats, very nice game! :)


Lol, great game! Love all the endings


This game is very good. Now just imagine waking up and seeing this yourself? I'm sure this is a reality for some people out there. It's already a fact that everyone is seen as numbers and no one cares about each other. Some did but everyone else never cared. They are selfish and use you as a toy in their experiments. 

We are all experiments ourselves. All those drugs that are given out, the stuff we are taught, the food we eat. It all affects us and how we think and what our morals and standards should be.

I would hate for this to be true. For my life to be just a simulation. Something that is controlled. All my life, I've always felt like someone was watching my every move. Or even influencing my decisions and thoughts.

Great game. I had fun playing it. It has given me plenty to think about.


Great Game ! 



that was really cool


Great game! The last ending was surprising though.. Hope could interact more with some other sprites (feeding bird or something), maybe could lead to another ending.. Anyway, i'm having fun playing these game, so thanks!

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Came back to this and decided to mess with the endings a bit because I remembered someone mention talking about exploring during an ending sequence. I did the quest for ending B, threw the wood on the big fire, and talked to it to make the dog show up, and then discovered that most NPCs were still around! I could even go talk to the tree to get more wood, then throw it on the same fire again and replay that sequence in slightly buggy fashion. (Having the power of friendship locked me off from A though.) I tried throwing wood on the small fire and then talking to it, to see if I could confuse the game by doing two endings at once, but that locked me into ending E and most of the NPCs disappeared (including the other fire and the dog) so I couldn't try activating B anymore. For some reason, the shadow guy disappeared when nobody else did, and the throw powerup (edit: also the sapling) stuck around when nobody else did.

BIG EDIT: So if you do what I did, which was activate ending B but then go to ending E at the last minute, you get the normal E sequence, but it turns out that the ending screen displays the B ending message, and the credits play the acoustic or Odin and display the fire picture instead of the special E credits. Since I already had all the endings, I don't know which would unlock, but it's likely that it would unlock the B ending and not the E ending. I think that might be worth fixing! I didn't even have to stone-skip-jump to get to this state, because the rock was still in the river as the doggy song was playing.

Oh yeah, the other thing I noticed was that if you have the cloud raining on screen, and you pause for a while, when you unpause the game a whole lot of accumulated raindrops get dumped at once. That one was pretty funny.

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As an avid side-quester, I'm very proud to have gotten ending B first! (Is that the hardest one? I'm gonna pretend it is for the sake of my ego.) For a metagame like this one, it had more depth than expected, and the soundtrack was great. I'm used to playing jam games, so the flaws didn't bother me too much. I quite enjoyed my time grinding for the other endings... had to look at the comments for D because I totally forgot that prompt even existed, but oh well. I hope it did well in the jam, and omw to get that soundtrack now!!

Edit: I'm curious when exactly the Odin version of A Vision of Fire plays. I think I only heard it on D, which was the last ending I got, but then there was the other version unique to E, so if I had gotten that ending last, which would I have heard?

The Odin version plays when you finish the game with the female looking character for all Endings except E I think.

Thanks for the praise, great to hear that people still have fun with the game after such a "long" time :D I'm especially happy to hear that you like the OST. I'm basically just an amateur in that regard and still learning the ropes to this day.

Oh nice! I would have heard Odin on B ending as well, but I skipped the credits by mistake lol. Thanks for the quick answer!

The one thing I didn't like that much about the OST was that there was pause menu music. The pause menu has always felt to me like it should be a break from the action and not contain anything immediately new that would draw you into it or otherwise interrupt your gameplay significantly. A lot of games just use a low pass filter that goes into effect on the music already playing when you pause, which I think is nice. The pause menu music in this one was pretty cool, despite being short, so on the one hand I like it, but on the other hand I don't like that it exists, you know?

ha, interesting :) Never thought about that. Yeah, I would've loved to have a muffled version of the currently played song, but that was out of the question due to technical restrictions. That's why I went for a reduced, short-looped version of the main theme with a low sample rate to "imitate" that feeling. Apparently, that didn't work out well ;)

Yeah that was a good thought, but it still ends up starting the exact moment you hit pause... It hardly ruins the game though! I'm just a harsh critic.

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