All aboard the Hyperloop, a new generation of public transportation. What could possibly go wrong?

“Hyperloop” is a small 2D action platformer with handcrafted pixel art, an emphasis on mood, and a blasting original soundtrack.  Also featuring a unique and immersive death and respawn system! We hope you’ll have a good time with it! Feedback and ratings are very much appreciated. Our team is very keen on reading every comment and we will definitely return the favor.

Have fun!


WASD + Mouse to run, aim and shoot
E / Enter to Interact
R / Right Mouse to Reload
Space to Jump
Shift to Run

Known Issues

  • After clearing the game once, it is not possible to start again because the game state does not reset correctly. Please refresh your browser tab if you want to play again!
Release date Oct 04, 2020
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(26 total ratings)
AuthorEdutastic Games
GenreAction, Platformer, Shooter
TagsAtmospheric, Horror, jumping
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Development log


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Could you not use shift to proceed the dialog? my sticky key is angry rn


"Press Enter to Exit"



I couldn't beat it because the monster spawn places felt entirely luck based. Also, the screen would sometimes just go black and I'd have to start the game from the beginning.



You never disappoint, do you?


I don't know about that, but thanks anyway :)


What a beautifully crafted game!


Im not a big horror fan, but i liked the style of this game, and think it has potential to expand, maybe something along the lines of trying to finish different tasks to repair the train, with the passengers on the train acting like lives, and each task gets harder and harder and if you kill everyone you loose, so the challenge would be to save as many passengers as possible 


I thought this would finally be something thats not a horror game on but i was wrong...


I liked the game, a nice proposal, I noticed some bug sounds after entering different types of places, the final version with Brazilian Portuguese language would be interesting.


heck its a horror game ima go say goodbye to my sanity


I wouldn't say go out there and exterminate a bunch of monsters an "easy" job lol. Seems like the guy got the short end of the stick but still went out and did the job. This could spin off to among us sort of theme XD 

I lost one
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I would like a bigger version of this game, if you could, please do so, add chapters, levels, and make it where all the passengers but one die maybe? it is a great game.


the death system is pretty cool, though when i looted the dead body for the key the first time, i thought that, the looting your past bodys would play into that. at the present moment it seems as if you just teliport back to the start of the level leaving a body behind as a cosmetic thing rather than part of the game. 

Very true! Thank you for your honest feedback. Mechanically, that is what we were trying to go for, but the time constraints due to the jam had us drop a lot of features that would add to the immersion. We are planning to build upon the jam version try to develop this further to actually represent our initial vision! Thank you for playing :)


cool game!

i broke it


nice game


This was a lot of fun, music and sound design was fantastic, and you really captured a strong feel of being alone in the dark. There were points where I'd shoot an enemy, turn around, hear a wail from it, and turn around to find it gone. Legit wasn't sure if I'd actually killed it or not and that terrified me. I loved it.

I really like the design decision of reloading dropping your flashlight, intensifying that horror atmosphere.

Controls wonderfully as well

As others have mentioned, I like the use of crewmates as lives, and on that note, the interactions between lives gave the game a lot of personality

I just have 2 suggestions:

-I wish there was a way to see your health, even just blood splatters at the edge of the screen or heavy breathing.

-There was a pit that was basically impossible to see down that had something like 4 monsters gathered up, and it felt somewhat frustrating to die there. However, that was the only area that I had any issues with

That said, this game is fantastic. Again, I want to make special note of the sound and music, because that was absolutely phenomenal. I'd love to see this pushed farther, because I think it easily could

Wow, thanks for the extensive feedback and constructive criticism! We are well aware of a lot of issues (especially regarding the missing player feedback regarding ammunition and health). The level design was kind of a last minute hack job (by me, that is) with very little play testing. That's why the "death pit" made it into the final jam release. That's not at all good level design! Thanks for pointing that out.

We intend to develop this further into an (at least) more full fledged product in the near future. We are not game devs and we all have a normal day jobs, so developing a game in our free time is really hard (especially considering many have families at home)

But I'll keep everyone posted, on the progress here :)

Thanks again!


Really liked this game, superb soundtrack, hope to see a full version some day.

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Thanks a lot :) I was really looking forward to watching the let's play, but the video seems to be deactivated :( Any updates on that?

Edit: Ah, the direct link seems to work :)


Wow! The atmosphere was amazing. I really enjoyed the music especially, and the pixel art was awesome! I love atmospheric games. And the story was really, really engaging and I wish the game could have lasted longer! I wanted to know more about the evil creatures and everything else about the world by the end! I hope you'll continue to grow and create even more amazing projects like this one. Super cool!

The one big thing that I'd like to point out is that the lighting was really, really aggravating, especially before you turn on emergency lights. In a way I love the atmosphere and using only the narrow beam of light to light your way, but there was something about it that really annoyed me. I'm not sure I can put my finger on it fully, but when you're playing a platformer and you can't tell what is pipe you can jump on and what is not, it gets really frustrating really fast. Maybe I'd love to see more contrast between the background and pipes/ledges you can jump on. The visibility was also really bad when it came to seeing the enemy creatures. They blended so well into the black background that it was hard to see where they were. This might have been intentional to make them more scary. I just think that what you thought you were doing creates the unintended consequence of making the game not as fun to play since you don't know where to shoot or jump next. That random little spot at the end after you fall back to the floor with the train that you're supposed to jump up into was really weirdly placed with no defining markers. I backtracked thru the whole tunnel once with no monsters to fight just so I could realize I was supposed to go up there. I wonder if there's a way to improve ease of gameplay thru improving visible interactable objects and still maintaining the creep-factor? 

That being said, the song at the end was awesome and I really, really liked this! One of my favorite submissions, actually. You did a rocking job and I'm gonna follow you to see what you crazy cats do next! Thank you so much for your hard work! :D

Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback!

You are very very right about the things you pointed out. We are well aware of those issues (and a lot more) that we couldn't fix anymore due to the jam time running out. There wasn't really time to fine tune the lighting and/or monster placements as well as contrasts of the platforms or the tilemap in general.

BUT we do intend to work on a post jam version with more content and (hopefully) all the balancing and ease of use issues fixed. So, stay tuned if you're interested :)

I am SO interested! This was such a cool submission! Thanks so much for being so responsive and for creating such an awesome game. I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Very nice. great sound and nice game mechanics. I liked how the different passengers accounts for having extra lives :)


Great combo between shooter and platformer, would love to see an update to this game!


can we just acknowledge that every single itch user is on a different domain

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Brilliant game. Some genuine creep factor going on and some tense moments. Brilliant audio and impressed with the ending soundtrack. Loving the graphical style, as I’m a big fan of pixel games. Very atmospheric and immersive... those creeps in the game are enough to give you nightmares! Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with in the future!


Thanks a bunch! :) The jam's core team (me inlcuded) will work on this game further and release a post jam version in the near future.


That would be great! The game is really good and it’ll be great to see how it develops further. Keep me posted when you release more if you’d be kind enough. Thanks.


Hello, I played this game I really enjoyed it, it was a short and sweet game with creepy environment and the music was great! good work :)


Thank you so much :) Also for the let's play!


You're welcome :)